Hiatus: Update

This might not come as a huge surprise, but Wildflower and I are not very good at silence ;)

I'll speak more on our Vipassana attempt later, but we've made it out of our 100 mile wilderness stretch safely and starving! Assuming I can take advantage of the wonderful trail town of Pine, Arizona - regular programming should resume shortly!


And so it begins...

 I had made the proclamation months ago that I wanted to summit Miller Peak - the highest point in the 'sky islands' as the Huachucas are often called. There was no reason why really - just something I'd read about early on in my planning and for whatever reason set my laser beam focus on. The summit was 1/2 mile off trail and an extra 200 feet of elevation gain - extra mileage and work I was ready to add for the views I'd read about at the top. 

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