There are many reasons private yoga sessions might be right for you.  I offer one-on-one and semi-private sessions in your home or at a studio space convenient to you.  I have trained in a variety of different yoga, breathing and meditation techniques and also offer Adaptive Yoga for students with limited or impaired mobility. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and Every Body; I’m confident we can find exactly the right type of yoga for you.

What does a private session look like?

Because private sessions are individualized, every session looks a little different. We will spend some time prior to our first session to discuss your needs, goals and expectations.  Some of my clients come with requests for therapeutic yoga postures to target areas of the body that need attention or are injured, others have specific postures they are working on or physical goals. Other sessions might include a discussion on breath, meditation, or how we can use our yoga practice to navigate current obstacles in life.

Whether it’s challenging you to a new engagement in your yoga pose, or examining how yoga might help navigate disease and disorder in the body, mind and heart - private sessions help to target , refine and offer depth to whatever your focus might be.

Private sessions are great for

  • new practitioners looking to establish a solid and personalized base to grow a sustainable yoga practice

  • experienced practitioners that are looking for mentorship to expand and advance their practice in a safe, practical and functional way

  • deepening a specific aspect of your practice - such as pranayama, meditation or explorations in yogic and ayurvedic principles

  • disabled practitioners who are unable to full access the practice offered at most studios

  • students who use a wheelchair and are unable to access many spaces.

Private Instruction Pricing:

$90 Single Session

$250 3-pack of Sessions (to be used in 3 months)

$450 6-pack of Sessions (to be used in 6 months)

Please contact me to schedule or to learn more about how a private session might be right for you!